Top 5: Classifica Migliori Ristoranti Vegetariani - Vegani a Bologna, Emilia Romagna - Eat Ranks

Deadline 15-01-2019

n the also known “the fat city” we wouldn’t had ever expect such a proliferation of vegetarian and vegan restaurants. Among these, at least two have had the privilege to begin their history long time ago. Others three are indeed children of this time, privileged by us for the constancy and the quality of their recipes, the amenity of the environment, and the open view with which they are approaching the topic

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Leila Salimbeni

Graduated in Semiotics and, before, in Philosophy of the language, Leila Salimbeni has always loved, in wine's matters, the double nature, material and immaterial. Always the wine, in the time, brings her to deal with the edible world all, of which she adores, above all, the open frameworks. She starts to write on Spirito diVino in 2011 and she continues signing numerous publications