Top 5: Migliori Ristoranti in Porta Romana a Milano - Eat Ranks

Deadline 15-10-2018

The beautiful Porta Romana. This particular district near the Spanish walls in Milan is lively increasing the places worthy of attention. For a long time it has been the center of city life chosen by the nobility to build its noble residences; today, a teeming area with great gastronomic signs. Five not to be missed

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He is an entrepreneur of the New Economy, but hooked on oenogastronomy; he travels around the world to find the best haute cuisine restaurant, but he has not come across one yet. Since he comes from a teetotallers' family, only by chance, he attains a passion for wine. Hereafter he would discover that his great-grandfather was an excellent wine grower (some Nebbiolo in Valsesia) and a moderate wine-drinker. He has been the creator and the president of the project Passione Gourmet (www.passionegourmet.it). His passions are: a considered avant-garde for the cuisine and the great Bourgogne’s wines.