Top 5: Migliori Locali Aperti Tutto Agosto a Milano - Eat Ranks

Deadline 01-08-2019

Are you worried? Don’t you know how to survive in August in Milan? Do not be alarmed, here we point out 5 spots always opened throughout the month of August or closed at most during the Ferragosto central days. To these you can also add hotel bars, which never go on holiday!

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Since his first teenager’s years he has been struck by an unstoppable and growing “gourmet passion”. As a result he has substituted the gym with the restaurant, without hiding his choice. Travelling around the world for his job in the fashion industry, has been used as an excuse to visit the best restaurants. He has not yet found the best one, but in the meantime, he writes about them on Identità Golose for Paolo Marchi and on Passione Gourmet. What about his hidden dreams? A worldwide tour appreciating “3 stars Michelin” restaurants, together with a photographer, a ghostwriter and a private jet!