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Deadline 15-10-2018

In Italy we are having a new factual season for pizza; here personality and creativity merge into a synthesis of expressive quality for the technique, for the natural bread-making and the use of the best raw materials. In this scenery Rome doesn’t make a poor showing; on the contrary the Italian capital may offer rare, intense emotions and more and more restaurants with futuristic and hospitable surroundings, for you to taste sensational slices of pizza

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Alessio Pietrobattista

Vitage 1978, harvested at the right maturity on the 8th of September, exactly where the Tiber divides in two: in the heart of Rome. Fake abstemious due to the wine of the grandfather, starts to turn glasses in his hands thanks to friends who make it clear that drinking is not so bad. Computer scientist for work, he collaborates and has collaborated with the most important sites and guides of the sector including the Gambero Rosso and The best 99 Maisons of Champagne. He viscerally loves French bubbles, courts Burgundy, gets seduced by Bordeaux, but in the end he is always devoted to Sangiovese