Scade il 15.03.2019

Top 5: Pasticcio of Maccheroni in Ferrara

di Riccardo Corazza

A dish with complex hagiography considered the least noble among the cornerstones of the Ferrarese tradition. The maccheroni pie is a ‘hybrid’ eighteenth-century product closely related to the Messisbugo batters, the mythological Scalco degli Estensi. The artifact, a casket of short pastry (sweet or salty) luxuriously filled with short maccheroncini, white ragu, béchamel and mushrooms, with, in richer versions, a grated truffle, in itself sums up several dualisms, including the religious connotation strengthened by ‘priest’s hat’ shape. Originally consumed during the Carnival, it has been for years the tasty link between the kosher and the Christian kitchens