Top 5: Libanese Restaurants in Milan - Eatranks

Deadline 15-09-2019

Are you ready to give up the flavors of the Far East and to dive into those of Middle Eastern cuisine? In 2018 the compass of the ethnic cuisine has changed, in fact the forecasts of the experts bring us all to the Middle East. So we learn about Lebanese cuisine, a cuisine that goes from lamb meat to soups and rice influenced by the Arab-Muslim tradition. Here the five best Lebanese restaurants in Milan!

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Elena Maffioli

Born in 1991, graduate in Sciences and Techniques of Communication - address Journalism and New Media, she is a master Sommelier graduated at Alma "The international school of Italian cuisine" with a thesis called "The time of Vermouth, a rite without time." Today she is Food&Wine, she collaborates with Andrea Grignaffini, Spirito diVino and Passione Gourmet. She loves Vermouth in all of its declinations, for that reason she has also realized an Instagram profile where she try to promote the magic world of this spicy wine (@artemisia_vermouth)