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Deadline 15-10-2018

Cooking is a life’s metaphor: it evokes a power that easily conveys into literature production. The madeleine is a classical example: one of Proust’s best chapters, from his novel In Search of Lost Time, offers the catching synaesthetic feeling and the author’s desire to translate it into literature. Food has always suggested interesting starting points to narrative plots; since ancien times, there have always been in literature many discussions about gastronomy (an example Plato’s Symposium). Books to taste and food to read


About The Author

Leila Salimbeni

Graduated in Semiotics and, before, in Philosophy of the language, Leila Salimbeni has always loved, in wine's matters, the double nature, material and immaterial. Always the wine, in the time, brings her to deal with the edible world all, of which she adores, above all, the open frameworks. She starts to write on Spirito diVino in 2011 and she continues signing numerous publications